The Missouri Valley Region

We are unique in that the 10 counties we serve are very rural.

95% of our participating agencies can be found in

Morton and Burleigh Counties.

Unlike urban areas of our nation, folks struggling with poverty and who experience homelessness here have a great deal to overcome. This is why in 2008 the State of North Dakota became the first in the US to implement a state-wide 10 year plan to end homelessness.

The plan is built around a housing first, a harm reduction model that has been successful in many cities across America that have implemented it.

Here you can download the Missouri Valley Region’s plan to end chronic homelessness by 2018:


We will be posting updated plan soon

As far as the most recent data pulled from the Missouri Valley Region’s organizations that utilize the Homeless Management Information Systems,  the following data breaks down the demographics of folks seeking services in the 2015 calendar year.

Please keep in mind that on average nationally 80% of people who experience homelessness only do so transitionally, and manage to get themselves out of the situation of homelessness. Often without seeking any services. Rural homelessness also looks very different than urban homelessness, so these numbers can never be a true and concrete representation of the number of people in the Missouri Valley Region who have experienced homelessness.

The numbers presented below only include folks in our region who have in fact sought services. Numbers from shelters serving folks fleeing domestic violence situations or independent youths aged 12-21 are not included.

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